Whole Foods

unnamed.jpgWhole Foods is well known for their grocery shopping but what is a hidden gem is what they offer for lunch.

When I walked in to get some lunch there was endless amounts of options. I thought about a salad or sandwich but then I saw the sushi. Whole Foods prides themselves on fresh, natural, and organic foods so I was excited to see how the sushi would taste.

I had the crunchy role and it was phenomenal. It had some fresh shrimp and snow crab that filled me up pretty good. I found this sushi to be better than some other sushi restaurants that I have been to recently.

After I picked up my sushi, I thought beer but I wasn’t feeling my options. I saw the juice isle and the pineapple coconut juice stood out to me. The juice was natural, sweet, delicious, thick, and noticeably fresh.

Sushi or lunch at Whole Foods is highly recommended if you are looking for a quick and good bite to eat.