Super burrito at Felipes!

Felipes is a build your own burrito place that is always good. There are many options in meat or vegetables to choose from. They also have good chips and queso. There are daily drink specials and make a mean margarita.

On my burrito this time I got chicken, refried beans, rice, lettuce, pico, sour cream, and queso. With all of this, I never have the problem of getting a dry burrito.

There are three different locations in New Orleans and it is always fast and Consistent.

Below is the location I go to!


Beef Jerky

Since I have moved to Thibodaux I’ve always heard about¬†Bourgeois Meat Market. I always would hear the hype of the world famous beef jerky.unnamed-1.jpg

After two years I finally went and got some! Im not a big beef jerky fan but I was impressed. The price however did throw me off.

The jerky was not fatty at all and had a nice smokey flavor. It was well seasoned and tough. It also had a little bit of a sweet taste and I could not stop eating it.

They had some other meats that I noticed and would like to try. I will definitely come back here.



Sliders at Pho Bistro!

Pho has recently been my local hangover unnamed.jpgSunday spot. I always start off with the grilled chicken sliders.

The grilled chicken sliders come on a rice bun. The bun is kind of a weird soft texture but is really good. It is then topped with aioli, cilantro, carrots, and Jalapeno peppers. They also have a sweet sauce on the table that is good on everything.

I would recommend eating pho any day of the week, not just when hungover. The sliders are always a good start and I will do a follow up on the actual pho.

Location Below!

Round 2

unnamed.jpgShrimp and Grits part two! This time at Superior Seafood.

It consisted of shrimp and grits of course, but the sauce was something special. It was topped with a creamy cheese sauce that was spicy but not too much. It was garnished with tomatoes and bacon. The bread is always flowing so when you’re done you can get all of the extra sauce off the plate!

Also caught them during happy hour on a Friday during lent. They were offering half price raw oysters and draft beer.

It was all very good and I would definitely recommend this place. Its a nice casual place with some good seafood!