Round 2

unnamed.jpgShrimp and Grits part two! This time at Superior Seafood.

It consisted of shrimp and grits of course, but the sauce was something special. It was topped with a creamy cheese sauce that was spicy but not too much. It was garnished with tomatoes and bacon. The bread is always flowing so when you’re done you can get all of the extra sauce off the plate!

Also caught them during happy hour on a Friday during lent. They were offering half price raw oysters and draft beer.

It was all very good and I would definitely recommend this place. Its a nice casual place with some good seafood!


Shrimp and Grits


Over the weekend I got to try out a place on the lakefront called the Blue Crab.

It was a cool atmosphere having a view of lake Pontchartrain. It was my first time dining here and there was a wide variety of seafood.

I chose the BBQ shrimp and grits which were delicious. The BBQ shrimp were rich and the grits were creamy and a nice compliment to balance out the dish. On the side came a cheese biscuit that was perfect to soak up all of the gravy and garlic from the sauce.

If you are ever in the Lakeview New Orleans area, I would most defiantly recommend making a stop here.