The Poor Boy

When you think of food in the city of New Orleans you cant help yourself but to think of a Po-Boy. Bennie and Clovis Martin left their home of Raceland, Louisiana,  for New Orleans in the mid 1910s. Both worked on the street car line until they opened up Martin Brothers Grocery in 1922. Martin Brothers Grocery would soon become the birthplace of the famous Poor Boy sandwich.

The Poor Boy sandwich all started on July 1st, 1929 when the streetcar workers went on strike. During the strike, the Martin Brothers gave out free meals to striking street car workers. This meal would become the poor boy sandwich. The name of the sandwich came from the customers coming in Martin Brothers at the time. Bennie Martin said, “We fed those men free of charge until the strike ended. Whenever we saw one of the striking men coming, one of us would say, ‘Here comes another poor boy.'”

French Bread

The traditional Italian Loaf was not working out for these poor boy sandwiches that the Martin Brothers were serving. They got with John Gendusa, owner of Gendusa Bakery to make a french bread that would be uniformed and the same every time. This led to the the invention of the 36′ inch French Bread loaf we know today.

Roast Beef

While there are tons of different po-boys, one kind of po-boy has stood out from the rest. When eating a po-boy it is always a safe bet to go with a hot roast beef.  Koz from Koz’s restaurant shows us the steps in making a roast beef po-boy.  It starts with cooking the roast to dressing it up. It is a simple process and heres how

Things to Know

At Gendusa Bakery they make tons of French Bread loafs a year. The amount of flower used and loafs made is unreal. Check out this graphic I made that puts the numbers in perspective.french-bread_22284301_62342d4ef6ba3b9b790172c2a3136b4965052bee.jpg