The Main Course At Pho!


As I said in my previous post, Pho is one of my go to spots.

After I get my sliders, I bring on the pho.
I always get the large pho and it fills me up like a charm. I always get the same pho every time I go.

I go with the Filet Pho every visit. It is served with rice noodles, rare filet, and a beef broth. On the side comes bean sprouts, lime, and mint. I put all of this together with the sweet sauce that is available on the table and it’s like a trip to flavor town!

I will always recommend this establishment and the location is in the previous post!


Closing Out Mardi Gras


Over the Mardi Gras weekend I heard about a king cake shake at Frey BBQ.

The restaurant was by the parade route so I walked over there. I ordered the shake and it was everything I thought it would be.

It was a cinnamon tasting milkshake. The garnish of the cup was awesome. It was dipped in icing with the Mardi Gras colors sprinkled around it. On top there was a fat slice of king cake topped whip cream.

Overall the milkshake was good and would recommend Frey for a good milkshake if in the Mid City area.

Southern Louisiana has so many options when the question of what to eat comes about. I’m from New Orleans and I have eaten at hundreds of restaurants in the city and its surrounding areas. Eating out and mixing up the cook book at home can open up many horizons in culture, taste, and sights. In my blog Southern Eats, I want to help you with that big question of what to eat.