Beef Jerky

Since I have moved to Thibodaux I’ve always heard about¬†Bourgeois Meat Market. I always would hear the hype of the world famous beef jerky.unnamed-1.jpg

After two years I finally went and got some! Im not a big beef jerky fan but I was impressed. The price however did throw me off.

The jerky was not fatty at all and had a nice smokey flavor. It was well seasoned and tough. It also had a little bit of a sweet taste and I could not stop eating it.

They had some other meats that I noticed and would like to try. I will definitely come back here.



Frey BBQ

unnamed.jpg  Back at Frey BBQ!

After my last blog post of when I went to Frey I wanted to come back for BBQ.

I had the brisket and pulled pork. The pulled pork was not that impressive but the brisket however was good! I had two sides that consisted of potato salad and baked beans that were both sub par.

If its not the brisket I was not really a fan but if you go back to my last blog post the money is on the desert menu.